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Doctor's defense     * zen fusion formula-natural psoriasis treatment * zen fusion hc formula * zen fusion maintenance forumla before and after meet the doctors what is psoriasis? What is eczema? Herbal remedies for psoriasis psoriasis before 1 psoriasis before 2 after 1 month #1 after 1 month #2 maintenance therapy #1 maintenance therapy #2 guttate psoriasis you can double click on the photos to enlarge each one and scroll through the series this patient's psoriasis started after a viral infection at age 50.   the many  dime sized lesions covered his arms and legs.   psoriatic lesions can be disfiguring and he was embarassed to wear short sleeve shirts or shorts outside.   topical steroids were just not helping him and he was absorbing high potency steroids over a large surface area.   he was quite amazed out how quickly the herbal doctor's defense cream helped him.   within one month, the redness was dissolving. cheap viagra online cheap generic viagra viagra for sale generic viagra online buy generic viagra generic viagra viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription buy viagra online   he was especially happy that the silvery scale stopped.   after 3 months, most of the lesions had resolved and he regained his confidence again.   you can see that the doctor's defense also maintained this healthy skin for months afterwards.   don't be shy, show off those arms again! < back    next > buy zen fusion hip web design and graphics by quirky bird this website contains original graphics and art, so get inspired but don’t steal, karma is real. Eczema treatment | natural rosacea treatment | psoriasis creams | treatment for psoriasis psoriasis skin treatment | rosacea treatment | treatment for psoriasis | psoriasis treatment contact@doctors-defense. Comall rights reseved. Copyright 2010. Color of wealth skin care search main menu skip to primary content skip to secondary content home sample page post navigation ← previous next → what is guttate psoriasis? Posted on june 3, 2012 by guttate psoriasis is a type of the disease that, unlike the other forms, creates isolated lesions on the surface of the skin that look like teardrops. Plaque psoriasis will create large rashes and cover large areas with one rash. This type can create as many as hundreds of different smaller lesions that behave similarly to plaque psoriasis. These lesions appear to be pink or red and have small flakes of white skin that are called scales on the surface of the skin. Like the other types of psoriasis, this type is essentially a speeding up of the process the body uses to replace dead skin. In this case, however, the lesions are smaller and spread out as individual areas of inflammation. The effect on the skin is the same, but it appears on the body to look more like a pox than a rash. What causes guttate psoriasis? This type of psoriasis is not common, and it usually appears in people under the age of 30. It also usually manifests suddenly after it is triggered by another type o.
VIXO Design
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        VIXO apare pe piata romaneasca în anul 2006, ca parte integranta a unei strategii inovative ce a reușit să claseze compania printre primii producători ce folosesc tehnologia gravării laser 3D sub suprafata. Aplicabilitatea tehnologiei este vasta, VIXO utilizand-o cu succes in design si amenajari interioare.

         Astăzi, brandul VIXO se bazează pe vasta experiență a specialiștilor sai si, incepand cu anul 2011, isi largeste aria de activitate si deschide o noua directie de dezvoltare, aducand pe piata romaneasca o tehnologie moderna si doua produse inovatoare:

-MDF vopsit in masa;

-paneluri decorative gravate la suprafata si in adancime;
        VIXO devine  in 2012 partener exclusiv INVESTWOOD Portugalia si, prin divizia VIXO DESIGN, isi propune sa devina promotorul MDF-ului colorat in masa, un produs revolutionar, ecologic si spectaculos, pe care il va prezenta pe piata sub brand-ul VALCHROMAT.


         Placile VALCHROMAT sunt produse care se adreseaza:

- caselor de arhitectura – pentru utilizarea lor in proiecte de anvergura;

- producatorilor de mobilier – fiind utilizate in fabricarea pieselor de mobiliersau ca elemente decorative;

- companiilor specializate in design interior si amenajari – prezentand posibilitatea de a se integra perfect in compozitii;

                               Modelo N04                   Modelo N02